What Happens To Your Testosterone Levels After 3 Weeks of NoFap?

A group of German dick doctors set out to answer the question we’d all been asking.

By Dr DoMore Bro-ologist

Week 3 of NoFap.

Everywhere you look all you can think about is sex.

Ads on TV - sex.

A glimpse of your hot next door neighbours bare ankle - sex

Doris the elderly checkout clerk smiles at you - sex.

You even begin looking at the family dog in a different light...

Frightened Dog
We kid rover, we kid

You can’t even walk the streets anymore without feeling like a complete pervert. Pitching more tents than your old scoutmaster.

Lots of tents, loads
Yep, Mr Jefferson sure liked "pitching tents"

But what’s actually happening? Is it all psychological? Or does NoFap after 3 weeks actually have any physiological effects?

confused dude
Physio- what now??

Basically what does NoFap after 3 weeks do to your test levels (and your gains) 🤔?

Well knowing that the question wasn’t going to answer itself a group of German Urologists (known affectionately as dick doctors in the medical community) set on to find out.

doctor with another upset doctor
"How's it going dick doctor?"
"Please stop calling me that."

The Experiment

So it turns out that Germans love fapping. As such they only managed to recruit 10 participants into their NoFap trial, all men aged between 22-29.

All the men were in stable relationships and reported that they were having regular sex 2-3 times a week. Apart from one participant, Brad, who insisted that he had sex 2-3 times day and tried to make everyone high five him.

brad trying to high five people
Calm down Brad 🤦‍♀️

They then made them all do the ol’ five knuckle shuffle to a provided porn video to get them at the same baseline while the German doctors waited next door - definitely not watching through the two way mirror.

dude holding porn dvds
"Wait, we weren't meant to bring our own porn?"

Before, during and after they reached climax the group of men had various measurements taken, including their testosterone levels.

doctor walking through the door
Wait, how did you know I was done...

They then were asked to go back home and think about what they’d done. Oh and they were also asked to not have any sex and to not masturbate for 3 whole weeks for the whole experiment thing.

uncertain man with a doctor
"This is definitely for science right?"

3 Weeks Later...

Surprisingly all 10 participants returned after 3 weeks (it must have been one good porno).

On their return they were put in a room one-by-one and went through the same drill that they did at the start of the experiment (but this time after 3 weeks of abstinence).

For the first 20 minutes they had to sit there in anticipation that they would get to watch some sweet German porno soon.

Then the porno was turned on but they weren’t allowed to jack their beanstalk quite just yet.

group of doctors
Oh you teases...

They were made to wait a whole 10 minutes before they were allowed to engage in the self love they’d had neglected for the prior 21 days - while the German Dick Doctors definitely weren't watching on from the room next door.

doctors watching
"Don't worry, we're not watching"
"We can't see a thing!"

When it was finally time they were given 10 minutes to blow their load but with typical German efficiency most men delivered a lot quicker.

They were then made to sit in the room in shame and wait for a futher 20 minutes while more measurements were taken before being let out at the 60 minute mark.

The Results

When they looked at the mens testosterone levels they found that they were very slightly higher after the 21 days of NoFap than they were when they first did the experiment. But after 10 minutes this suddenly changed... a lot.

After the abstinence and with the anticipation of getting to watch a hot German pissing perfectly normal porno the mens testosterone levels stayed high. Whereas when they first did the experiment the mens testosterone levels all dropped while watching the porn and after cumming and seeing their sad reflection in the screen of the tv.

The Results
Black Squares: Tesosterone Levels Following 3 Weeks of Abstinence (NoFap). White Squared: Testosterone Levels at the start (following normal sexual activity the preceding week)

At any given point the mens testosterone levels were about 15% higher following abstinence than when at the beginning of the experiment and before they watching the porno it was a whopping 30% higher! 🚀🚀🚀

So What Does It All Mean?

If you're planning on watching some hot German shitting perfectly normal porn, doing NoFap for 3 weeks before may prevent your testosterone from dropping while you watch it.

✌️ peace


Exton MS, Krüger TH, Bursch N, et al. Endocrine response to masturbation-induced orgasm in healthy men following a 3-week sexual abstinence. World J Urol. 2001;19(5):377‐382.