Wait... NoFap is evidence based??

A look at the original paper that inspired a movement (and what did it really show...)

By Dr DoMore M.D. Bro-ologist

The Question That Scientists Have Pondered for Millenia

What happens when you don’t fap? Like really - no bullshit - what happens?


Just that simple question can evoke rage and fierce debate and has done for centuries (probably).

Famously Mike Tyson abstained from sex for 5 years during his peak boxing years in the belief that it’d make him a better boxer.

Mike Tyson debating the merits of NoFap with a colleague
Mike Tyson debating the merits of NoFap with a colleague

So in 2003, while some scientists were working on finishing the human genome project (which failed to provide a single answer about no fap 🤦‍♀️ smh), a group of plucky young broscientists in China decided enough was enough.

They were going to answer the age old question. Does NoFap work?

The Experiment

They started by gathering 28 men, aged between 21 and 45, and asked them to stop masturbating.

Researcher telling people to stop masturbating
"Oi stop masturbating!"

But first, to make sure all 28 men were at the same baseline, they were asked to beat out once last wank before starting the experiment (a control wank per se).

The study then began.

For 8 days the men resisted shaking hands with the milkman and every day the scientists would measure the mens testosterone levels (at lunchtime for consistency). The results shocked everyone…

The Milkman
Erm not that milkman...

And The Results Are In...

At day 5 the mens testosterone levels started to climb - for all of them.

Day 6 saw the rise get even steeper and by day 7 the average participants Testosterone had increased by 45%! 🚀🚀

Graph showing results of trial - with a peak on day 7
The graph pitching an almighty tent after 7 days of NoFap

The range was between 17% and 97% (yep one lucky motherf- participant saw his testosterone levels double!). They all experienced the rise.

Day One Vs Day Two of No Fap
Marky Mark (presumably a participant of the trial) demonstrating Day 1 vs. Day 7 of NoFap

What Goes Up Must Come Down

But then something happened. When the men returned on day 8 their testosterone levels had all dropped right back down to their baseline levels 🙃.

After checking that the men hadn’t all secretly beat one out to celebrate their new high test levels the night before (and all the men denying that they had) the scientists concluded that yep NoFap works, but only for the first 7 days.

Bill Clinton Sexual Relations pointing finger
Bill Clinton famously pictured denying that he cheated during the experiment

Except that they didn’t conclude that.

These plucky Chinese broscientists weren’t done yet. They wanted to know what happens next...

NoFap Beyond 7 days

At this point they let 8 of the men go home to their wives and children and split the remaining 16 participants into two groups of 8.

Group One were asked to go beat one out right there and then. Whereas Group Two were told to keep abstaining from fapping.

A participant finding out he's in Group 2

They then monitored the groups for a further 8 days before sitting them down for the final results.

Group Two (NoFap for 16 days) saw their testosterone levels stay flat. They peaked at day 7, returned to baseline at day 8 and then just kinda stayed there since not moving up or down.

Group One, on the other hand, went through the same cycle again. Their test levels had fallen to baseline at day 8. But 5 days later (day 13) they were shooting up again, peaking again on the seventh day after their last wank before crashing back to baseline on the 8th day post wank.

Results showing group 2 remaining static in their test levels and group 1 experiencing a day 7 peak
The final results

It’s A Cycle Baby!

So does NoFap work? 🤔

Yes.. but only for 7 days.

There appears to be a cycle after you stop wanking. Your testosterone levels slowly creep up, beginning to rise sharply though day 5 and 6 before peaking on day 7 and dropping back to normal on day 8.


Jiang, M., Jiang, X., Zou, Q. et al. A research on the relationship between ejaculation and serum testosterone level in men. J. Zhejiang Univ. Sci. A 4, 236–240 (2003).