Fish oil does what to your balls??

A bunch of Danish broscientists decided to find out…

By Dr DoMore M.D. Bro-ologist

We all know fish oil is good for your heart, your mood and even improves all cause mortality in the elderly. But what does it do for your balls?

Fed up of not knowing, a group of plucky young Danish broscientists decided to find out...

The Experiment

Denmark constantly at threat from its many enemies, has a mandatory military conscription at 18.

Denmark and sweden on map
Can never be sure when Sweden will decide to attack

Prior to joining though they have to undergo a physical examination - sitting ducks for medical researchers interested in balls male fertility.

As such our Danish broscientists had no trouble recruiting a whopping 1679 people to their study.

And like all good studies it started with a testicular examination. This was performed by - and the paper made sure to stress this - "trained physicians".

Doctor smiling, putting his glove on getting ready to examine some balls
"Don’t worry I definitely have a 'degree' in this"

And as they do in many of the studies we analyze here at they then asked to the participants to go into a nearby room and jerk one off for science.

Initially they asked the participants to abstain from wanking for the 48 hours prior to providing their 'sample' but on the day they decided to drop this as a criteria because apparently danish men can’t go 48 hours without sweating one out and they would have had no one left 🤦‍♀️.

Then, once all the fun bits serious testicle based portions of the study had been done, they got them to complete a survey on their intake of fish oil supplements in the proceeding months.

The Results

Now this is where it gets interesting.

RIP to that one dude whos balls somehow shrank after taking fish oil

They found that people that had been taking fish oil for less than 60 days prior to the study had balls 0.8ml bigger than people that hadn’t taken any fish oil.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Participants that had been taking fish oil for more than 60 days had balls that grew 1.5ml bigger! And lads that’s 1.5ml for each testicle.

Real footage of Danish Soldiers after taking fish oil

Oh and they also found that participants that had been taking fish oil supplements also had higher sperm counts and semen volumes.

Those big loads


So to summarize if you want big juicy testicles start popping that fish oil! No more to it than that 🤷.

✌️ peace


Jensen TK, Priskorn L, Holmboe SA, et al. Associations of Fish Oil Supplement Use With Testicular Function in Young Men. JAMA Netw Open. 2020;3(1):e1919462.